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          • SERVICES

            Affordable Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Services:?Philippine Medical Tourism


            Who wouldn’t be amazed with having an?affordable cosmetic surgery package?cost of about a third to a quarter of the price found in the U.S. with basically just the same results?

            Medical tourism in the Philippines?has been in effect for decades now however it has only been recently wherein the Philippine Department of Tourism has actually emphasized and strongly encouraged the Medical profession to step things up and make the country globally competent in this regard. In Asia, Thailand still leads the way in organized and systematic channeling of medical tourism services particularly in cosmetic plastic surgery. The Philippines is however steadily catching up and is on its way on getting a bigger share of the overseas market.

            In 2006, the Philippine Department of Health and the Department of Tourism jointly came up with the Philippine Medical Tourism Program (PMTP). It is a multisectoral program with the ultimate goal of making the Philippines the leading and foremost destination for wellness and medical care in Asia.

            At present everything generally seems to be falling in place. When overseas patients decide to have their elective cosmetic plastic surgeries here in the Philippines, more often than not they get excellent value for their money. Medical and surgical expertise, world class facilities and island destinations, mastery of English, and the typical Filipino, all contribute to the Philippines rise to global competitiveness in medical tourism. Simply put and everything said nothing beats a combined quality and affordable surgery in the setting of a tropical paradise for leisure and recuperation.


            • Browlift/Brow Suspension
            • Facelift/Face lift/Rhytidectomy
            • Eye Bag Removal/Lower Blepharoplasty
            • Noselift/Nose lift/Augmentation Rhinoplasty
            • Alar Trimming/Alarplasty
            • Ear Surgery/Otoplasty
            • Chin Augmentation/Chin Reduction/Genioplasty
            • Cheek Enhancement/Malar Augmentation
            • Dimple Creation/Dimple Surgery
            • Hair Transplant/Alopecia Surgery/Scalp Flap Surgery/Reduction
            • Upper Eyelid Surgery/Upper Blepharoplasty

            • Breast Augmentation/Augmentation
            • Mammaplasty/Boob Job
            • Breast Reduction/Reduction Mammaplasty
            • Breast Lift/Mastopexy
            • Breast Nipple Reduction/Areolar Reduction

            • Liposuction/Lipoplasty
            • Tummy tuck
            • Buttocks Augmentation/Gluteal
            • Enlargement Enhancement
            • Buttocks Lift Surgery
            • Arm Lift/Brachioplasty